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Medical indicators Clinical Thermometers For Infection Control

Disposable thermometers manufactured bv MII. Tempadot, Nextemp and Traxit thermometers.Medical Indicators (MII) is one of the largest manufacturers of single-use and reusable medical thermometers in the world.  MII’s products, sold under the brand names of “Tempa•DOT™”, “NexTemp®” and “TraxIt®” are used to take accurate human body temperature readings.  MII’s products are used globally by medical professionals, and supplied to the market through all of the major medical distributors.  Most end users are hospitals, dialysis clinics, national health systems, and blood collection centers.  MII products help medical facilities reduce patient-to-patient cross-infection, thereby lowering the overall incidence of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).  In the United States alone, HAIs impact nearly 2 million patients, requiring millions of extra hospital day stays and adding billions of dollars to healthcare costs.  NexTemp® and Tempa•DOT™ thermometers are individually wrapped and used with one patient only.  MII’s products are available in sterile or non-sterile packaging for oral, underarm, and rectal temperature measurement sites.   MII’s thermometer technology is non-hazardous, non-toxic, latex-free, and carries a U.S. FDA registration.  All products are CE compliant and manufactured in New Jersey, USA under quality system ISO 13485 (2003).

NexTemp® Oral and Axillary, Individually Wrapped

 Product #  Scale  Case Pack  Units/Case  Print
 1112-20  °F
 20 Boxes of 100 Units  2000
 2112-20  °C
 20 Boxes of 100 Units  2000


 Product #  Scale  Case Pack  Units/Case  NT-UltraF_60-8001-03
 8000-20  °F
 20 Boxes of 100 Units  2000
 8200-20  °C
 20 Boxes of 100 Units  2000

NexTemp® 7 Day; Oral & Axillary, Individually Wrapped (1000)

 Product #  Scale  Case Pack  Units/Case  NexTemp 7Day
 1715-15  °F
 10 Boxes of 100 Units  1000
 2715-15  °C
 10 Boxes of 100 Units  1000

NexTemp® Bulk; Oral & Axillary, Unwrapped

Product # Scale Case Pack Units/Case
  1111-20   °F
 20 Boxes of 250 Units  5000
  2111-20   °C
 20 Boxes of 250 Units  5000


NexTemp® Reusable Thermometers – Placed in a Wallet-sized Carrying Card

 Available in both off-the-shelf STANDARD designs and CUSTOM printed designs

The Thermometer Card is a personal (single user) thermometer that is cleaned in between uses, and can be reused up to 100 times*.  MII’s thermometer technology enables the unit to automatically reset itself after each use.  Cleaning can be performed with warm soapy water or an alcohol wipe.  The clean thermometer is then returned to its card holder ready for future use.

The Thermometer Card is suitable for both personal and clinical use with the same clinical technology as used by medical professionals.


  • Useful, functional, promotional, novel
  • NexTemp clinical thermometer is included with the thermometer card
  • Offered in both °F or °C temperature scales
  • Convenient size for wallet or purse – approximately the size of a credit card
  • Can be used as an oral or axillary (underarm) temperature-taking device
  • Safe, non-toxic, latex-free
  • Same accuracy as NexTemp clinical thermometers
  • Up to a 5-year shelf life
  • Standard designs in purchase quantities as low as 250 units (stock items)
  • Custom designs in purchase quantities as low as 1,000 units (your design!)

IT’S POPULAR WITH…Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Health Clinics, Government Agencies, Recycling Facilities, Medical Businesses…and more.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!  Be sure to buy your Thermometer Cards from Medical Indicators only. We are the sole source of supply for this product and conform to all lot/expiry  and regulatory requirements.  Other sellers have been producing their own thermometer cards, using the NexTemp SINGLE-USE thermometer, instead of our SPECIAL REINFORCED REUSABLE THERMOMETER, which is not available for individual sale.  MII Thermometer Cards are designed to last.  Imitation thermometer cards, offered by others, are missing the most important element – a durable thermometer. Please contact us for samples.  We will show you the difference, and the true value.

* Medical Indicators performed in-house testing on the NexTemp Reusable Thermometer (RUT) used in the Thermometer Card product.  In that testing, RUTs were subjected to 110 temperature dwells of one-minute each in a water bath above 104.8°F, then washed with warm soapy above 104.8°F, and dried with a paper towel.  After 110 temperature cycles, the RUTs were individually examined under magnification for defects (such as delamination, sharp edges).  Following the visual examination, the RUTs were checked for accuracy.  No physical defects, wear, or accuracy issues were found.   It should be noted that proper care of the Reusable Thermometer is required to maximize the life of the unit.  Improper use, handling or cleaning will have a direct impact on the number of uses.  The user should carefully follow all of the manufacturer’s directions.  Damaged or contaminated thermometers should be discarded.